Yesterday i came home to find my itunes library playing, i did not recall turning it on before i left, but the music was good so i paid little attention. Later that day the imac started making noises like someone was typing and the problem worsened to constant error noises and the screen flitting around various boxes. So i shut everything down, turned off the keyboard, changed the batteries and restated.

Still no keys working as pressed but the imac responding to some connection as the typing and error noises restarted.

I am not super technical, but we have owned apples since out first tangerine imac many years ago.

The keyboard is paired, i have tried to unpair to pair with my ipad, but the keyboard seems not to type the code required to pair with the ipad.

I have reconnected it to the imac but it keeps asking for the code to be input, yet in system preferences it says it is connected to the wireless keyboard. So i really just wanted your advice, has the keyboard died or is there something i can do?

Many thanks sarah thanks for staying active on the comments for this thread.

Im not sure if you could figure out my problem, since ive tried almost every suggestion on the internet to no avail, including this one.

My macbook can recognize the bluetooth connection from my mac keyboard, but it refuses to pair. When given a passcode, i try to enter the code, but nothing happens. Apple seems to think it is a hardware problem, but what do you think?

Well done you are a star, thank you so much my key board mouse are now connected, mouse is a bit erratic seems to disconnect reconnect on its own batteries are fine wonder whats causing this ? Have absolutely tried all of the above and i still get couldnt connect to the device.

So frustrating that apple cant actually provide help. The very detailed instructions about un pairing with my old computer was key.

I then tried to check if the bluetooth was actually working so attempted to pair with my phone (android note 2).

During the paring process my phone found the mouse and then once i chose that the mac and phone pair my mouse was seen by the mac and paired with no trouble.